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Why choose professional first line answering service?

Professional First Line Answering Service is one of the most trusted 24 Hour Answering Services providing state-of-the-art, HIPAA Compliant Answering Services for hundreds of types of businesses including but not limited to doctors' offices, medical facilities, clinics, dentist offices, law offices, non-profit organizations and contractors such as General Contractors, Plumbing/HVAC Companies, Electricians, Remodeling Contractors, Roofing Companies and many other types of businesses.

Answering Service

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Increase Your Bottom Line Simply By Answering The Phone. Pro First Line Offers State-of-the-Art Answering Service For All Industries.

Virtual Receptionist

Professional First Line Answering Provides 24 Hour Answering Services With Dedicated "Virtual Receptionists" or an "As Needed" Basis Such as After Hours & Weekends.

HIPAA Compliant

Professional First Line Answering Service is HIPAA Compliant and Provides The Highest Level of Security For Medical, Dental and Law Offices With Upper Echelon Security For Sensitive Data Handling & Transmission Utilizing State-of-the-Art Software and Equipment.

Increase Your Bottom Line With a 24 Hour Answering Service. Be There... FIRST!

Professional First Line Answering Service's Team is comprised of the industry's most highly seasoned veterans, professionally trained to handle your new and existing customers with the greatest of care.

We've Been Using Professional First Line Answering Service For Over 7 Years Now. They're an Integral Part of Our Team. And Our Growth.

Fabian Rodriguez
Senior Manager - Systems Inc.

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