Business Answering Service FAQ

For most business owners, their business is like their baby. They have raised it from just a start-up, and take pride in every touch point they have with customers. With that in mind, they may be hesitant to outsource phone calls to a business answering service. A phone conversation with a customer is one of the most personal touch points you can experience, and the customer can learn a lot from your company on this phone call. If you’re considering employing a business answering service but are a little unsure about how it all works, read on to see if we answer your questions.

Is Your Staff Professional?

Here at Professional FirstLine, phone calls are our bread and butter. All of our trained staff will act with the utmost professionalism and courtesy when answering your calls. We take the time to record and monitor each conversation, ensuring that you can hear exactly how each conversation goes. Additionally, we will send you transcripts of each call via text, email, fax, or over the phone. We educate our staff to handle phone calls from a variety of businesses, including law firms, construction, real estate, and even retail stores.

Will the Calls Be Secure?

We use special security measures to ensure our calls are not hacked or monitored by outside sources. We record each call specifically for you and it will remain confidential between us and your business. Experts here at Professional First Line also use secure networks to transmit the messages to you, so no matter what, your business stays your business.

How Do I Know I Won’t Miss a Call?

One of the biggest pros for employing a business answering service like us is the sense of security knowing you won’t miss any calls. We don’t expect you to operate outside of business hours, or be willing to drop everything to get the phone. That’s where our staff comes in. We are available 24/7 every day of the year for you.

The answering staff here at Professional First Line is trained in customer service and professionalism, so you can feel good about putting your clients directly into our hands. For more information about our services or to start a free trial, visit our website here.

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